Kiner-Spielzimmer im Natürlich. Hotel für Familien in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.
Familien-Spielzimmer im Natürlich. Hotel für Kinder in Tirol. Österreich.
Hotel Natürlich Kinder-Familien-Spielzimmer in Fiss, Tirol.
Zimmer zum spielen für Familien mit Kinder. Familienzimmer in Fiss, Tirol.
Familien und Kinder Raum - Spielzimmer - Erlebniszimmer für Kinder in Fiss, Österreich.
Tischfussball im Hotel Natürlich Spielzimmer. Familien mit Kindern.
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Play area at the hotel Natürlich in Fiss, Tyrol

Spielzimmer für Familien mit Kindern im Hotel Natürlich in Fiss, Tirol.
…"We just came back from skiing five minutes ago and my kids are on their way to the play area. It's perfect that the Natürlich has a play area. Even after a long winter day my kids are still full of energy, in contrast to me. I need quiet and relaxation. It is great that my kids are not far away and have fun. My kids and I feel comfortable at the hotel Natürlich in Fiss."…

In our play area the young and the young at heart have a lot of space and many different options. Table soccer is great fun. How about a little tournament? Do you feel like playing tennis? Of course, also this is possible in our play area

Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tyrol. Family room and playground. 50" plasma flat panel with a Wii console and different games
Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tyrol. Family room and playground. table soccer for exciting tournaments - slackline for balancing
Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tyrol. Family room and playground. climbing wall - two metres of height - gym mats, soft soccer balls
Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tyrol. Family room and playground. beanbag chair to sit and lie comfortably 
Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tyrol. Family room and playground. touchscreen computer with age-appropriate games

Picture gallery, play area for kids and families

Summer holiday in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tyrol. Hotel Natürlich in Austria. Wellness, rooms, family rooms and suites, comfort rooms, studios, junior suites, playground and play area, car park and underground car park.