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Menucard & Themenights - Hotel Natürlich in Fiss, Tirol

Themenabende im Hotel Natürlich in Fiss. Familienzimmer in Tirol.
You will find our petite menu with tasty treats in our bar/lounge. You are welcome to take food to your room.

*Natural highlight: The Fisser-Imperial-Barley-Soup. The Fisser Imperial barley comes from family breeding and cultivation from the 1950s. Bred by our grandfather Karl Röck. In recent years, this barley has been rediscovered because of its special nature. Meanwhile, whiskey and beer are produced and marketed with it. Like so many other things in the world, the barley was far ahead of its time and only in the new millennium the barley receive the attention it deserves.

The bar/lounge is open each day from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., and you may order from the petite menu from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please remember that the petite menu will be somewhat limited on the thematic evenings. You are welcome to consume pizza, tarte flambée and salad from the buffet (€ 14,90).

Soups with bread
Aromatic goulash soup € 6,50
Homemade vegetable cream soup (pumpkin, carrot ginger or aromatic potato soup) € 5,10
Green pea soup with coconut milk (vegan) € 5,50
Porcini mushroom soup with mushrooms from the forest of Fiss € 5,50
Homemade garlic cream soup € 4,90
Homemade soup with pancakes € 4,90
*Homemade fisser imperial barley soup:
Tasty, strong soup with fisser barley, smoked meat, sausage, carrots, leek, potato and herbs
€ 6,50

Fresh meal salads with bread
NATÜRlich salad: Arugula, corn salad, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, pine nuts with balsamic honeydressing € 13,90
Greek salad: Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, olives, green lettuce, feta cheese € 13,90
Chef salad: arugula, beetroot, feta cheese, pine nuts, hemp seeds, pumpkin seed oil and balsamic-glaze € 13,90
Tuna salad: mixed salad with tuna € 13,90
Mixed salad: with vinegar + oil to refine € 6,50

Pizza - 30 cm different varieties
Prosciutto with tomato, cheese, ham € 10,90
Salami with tomato, cheese, salami € 10,90
Diavolo (spicy) with tomato, cheese, salamin, peperoni € 10,90
Tonno with tomato, cheese, onion, tuna € 10,90
Margherita (vegetarian) with tomato, cheese € 10,90
Natürlich pizza - with tomato, cheese, serrano ham, arugula € 12,90

Tarte Flambée - 3 different sorts
Bacon and onion and aromatic creme fraiche € 9,50
Provence with cheese, peppers, corn and herbs € 9,50
Salmon and leek € 9,50

different delights
Oven-fresh olive bread with dip and butter (homemade aioli and tomato salsa) € 9,90
Serrano ham with arugula, grana padano and bread € 6,50
Homemade garlic bread - 2 pieces € 4,90
Ham-cheese toast or cheese toast € 4,50
Nacho's with mozzarella, chili dip and garlic yoghurt dressing € 6,50
Chicken wings slightly spicy - 6 pcs. € 7,50
French fries with ketchup/mayonnaise € 5,20
2 pieces of breaded camembert with cranberries € 7,50

Homemade apple strudel with/without cream € 4,20
Fruits with yoghurt € 4,50
Choice of nuts - cashew, wasabi, noble nut, or pistachios - 3x100gr € 8,50
Caramelized waffle with powdered sugar or cream € 3,70
BIO chocolate fondue with fruit for 2-4 persons - 250gr milk or dark chocolate; 4 different types of fruits Please pre-book until 17.00 and pay attention to the 25min. preparation time € 23,90

Jolly € 1,90
Cornetto Classico Vanilla € 3,20
Calippo Cola € 2,80
Brickerl - chocolate € 1,50

Theme-Nights in Hotel Natürlich

Schnitzel theme night in Hotel Natürlich in Fiss, Tirol.