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Electrosmog and magnetic fields at the hotel Natürlich in Fiss

Hotel Natürlich ist Elektrosmog reduziert. Offline Urlauben in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.
…"Absolutely incredible! I've slept very well. This doesn't happen very often! At the hotel Natürlich in Fiss the electric cables and wires are far away from the bed. I can relax at night because there is no radiation nearby. A great idea! Now I'll have a quick shower because I'm hungry already. I really look forward to the rich breakfast buffet. Before I go, I have to pause for a moment and enjoy the beautiful view through the panoramic window of my room. You can't just leave the room without looking!"…

Regarding our 'Sleep Well' concept, there are no electric cables and wires close to the beds. In fact, the cables are as far away from the beds as possible. Without having to forgo any comfort — all of our rooms have internet access with special cables that conduct magnetic radiation to the ground. Additionally, all of our rooms have wi-fi access. However, the wi-fi is switched off between midnight and 6 a.m. so that you can sleep in an electrosmog reduced surrounding. Read more about internet access at the hotel Natürlich..

No wi-fi radiation that interferes with your sleep. An& electrosmog and magnetic radiation reduced area for your relaxation at our hotel in Fiss .

Picture gallery, electrosmog and magnetic fields - electrical installation

Hotel in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis - Austria. Rooms with four stars features for your summer holiday in a natural atmosphere.